Pharma Giant Teams Up with Google

This is not something we have not heard before: healthcare and cloud computing. As the cloud infrastructure becomes more and more integrated into all aspects of society, the health industry is sure to catch on eventually. Google cloud is newly being invested in by France-based pharmaceutical company Sanofi. Sanofi is a healthcare organization that is devoted to the global improvement of people’s lives through universally available vaccines, accessible healthcare, primary care, and specialty care for cancer and diseases. With Google, Sanofi plans on utilizing AI and cloud computing tools and their Innovation Lab with Bio Space. Sanofi’s goal to team up with the tech giant is to speed up drug discovery, improve patient experience and maximize operational flows. 

What’s the deal with AI?

With the use of AI, complex and costly processes can be streamlined; this is becoming an emerging trend within the industry. Eli Lilly, another pharma giant, contracted a $560 million deal with Atomwise, a San Francisco-based AI developer. AstraZeneca also linked with BenevolentAI from the UK earlier a couple of months prior. Seeing as drug manufacturers spend up to $2.6 billion to develop new prescriptions to bring into the market, it makes sense that pharmaceuticals seek out the aid of technology to become more efficient. As demand for AI increases, doors are opening for tech players to make a presence. Already big names like Verily and IBM Watson have teamed up with companies like Sanofi and Pfizer. With these partnerships, clinical trials have been streamlined and drug discovery programs jumpstarted. 

How is Google helping?

google cloud

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Google rests on its mission statement that they strive to organize information while making it universally accessible, safe, and useful. Collaborating, Sanofi and Google aim to accelerate healthcare innovation to people all over the world. The new relationship allows for the creation of more personalized treatments. As developing new healthcare products grow increasingly more expensive, companies are turning to data and digital innovation to help fuel creations and advancements. Sanofi can now drive innovation and efficiency through Google’s modern cloud infrastructure and progressive analytical capabilities. 

Via Google Cloud Platform, Sanofi will migrate workloads to the cloud and build an analytics and machine learning platform, therefore modernizing their infrastructure. By leveraging the cloud’s automation, agility, and scalability, Sanofi can gain better insight into their data. The duo also plans to apply AI to forecast sales and make improvements in marketing and supply chain efforts. Cloud computing will be able to launch the pharma giant into becoming data-centric while offering enhanced potential towards preventing, identifying, and predicting diseases. 

Overall, it seems the impact and value of cloud computing are clear. Leveraging Google Cloud Platform’s abilities and power, Sanofi is one step closer to helping people worldwide. New doors are opening to the betterment and improvement of lives, thanks to technology.