Are People Happy with Cloud Migrations?

It seems like everyone is transitioning their business to cloud computing. Why wouldn’t they? Cloud computing has proven itself to provide scalability, security and reliability, cost efficiency while having additional technical support. Hype has grown to surround the idea of cloud infrastructure and everyone is on board.

Two thirds of the large organizations that have partaken in cloud migration have not fully attained their expectations, especially in regards to the migration to private cloud environments. According to Accenture, a consulting company for digital and technology operations, security and complex challenges have hindered businesses’ cloud migration transfer. In a survey that was taken of 200 senior IT experts, the results found that most were only just satisfied with the results of their experience with cloud migration. A third of those surveyed experienced migrations that met their full expectations in speed, costs, enablement, and service. The satisfaction rate reads higher for those enterprises that employ public and hybrid cloud models. 48 percent of companies that use public clouds find their early expectations met with 38 percent of hybrid cloud users feeling similarly. A scant 28 percent of users employing a private cloud model felt their expectations were met.

Users that are experiencing difficulties with the private cloud reported challenges with the technology and primarily the lack of support for the cost-saving and service improvements. Giants in the cloud industry like AWS, Microsoft Azure or IBM can offer assistance and predetermined packages that private clouds cannot.

In the public cloud market, 54 percent of users accomplished their cost-saving objectives. On the other hand, regarding the speed-to-market satisfaction, just 28 percent of users’ goals were met.

Like any new technology adopted, there is a learning curve. Acquiring all intended benefits requires time. With a technology like the cloud infrastructure, there are many variables and barriers that influence the learning curve. IT teams are taking on the pressure to deliver immediate business outcomes that result in speedy innovation.

So what’s preventing users from realizing the cloud’s full potential?

After being asked to narrow down the top barriers to attaining the entire power of the cloud, security and compliance risks were at the top of the list for a little over 65% of the respondents. For the businesses that operate and utilize the cloud for sensitive data, cybersecurity and complying with data regulations are paramount. As vital operations are increasingly transitioned to the cloud, threats to a companies finances, data, and operations are parallel in the risk of being compromised. Without the standardization of the cloud industry, each provider can set their own guidelines and protocols. After security and compliance were the issues of business complexity and legacy infrastructure. Another reason that prevented users from realizing the cloud’s potential was the knowledge gap of cloud skills. Because of this, users consider providers that manage their cloud services. Even though there might not be 100% satisfaction, the investment to migrate to the cloud results in an upward curvature in value.

How RackWare Can Help

If your company is having difficulty maneuvering the new cloud infrastructure, RackWare can help ease the transition. Our cloud suite portal improves access and service that minimizes resources while still meeting performance objectives. RackWare Management Module is compatible with public or private cloud and even bare metal and virtual servers. Users ultimately gain flexibility and control. With RackWare, compliance is maintained at no cost to your enterprise’s productivity.