Technology Lock-in? Boundless and Borderless IT

In everything we do we make choices.  Some are complex, some are easy, some are inconsequential.  But many times, we are stuck choosing between only options we do not like.  RackWare believes that choices shouldn’t be about picking between the better of bad options, especially when it comes to your IT environment.  RackWare provides a Boundless and Boarderless IT environment helping avoid vendor and technology lock-in.

RackWare gives you freedom of choice, so you have the power to decide:

  • To stay in your physical data center or move to the cloud.

  • To change cloud providers freely and easily.

  • To move back to a physical data center.

  • To treat your applications differently to meet your business needs.

Unique proprietary capture technology lets you pick up an application like Silly-Putty and replicate it in a completely different environment without extensive rewrites.  It doesn’t matter what environment the application is running in or where you want to move it to. Whether it’s in a data center, on bare metal servers or any cloud environment, it’s all the same to us.

RackWare is agnostic.  You are not bound by OS, hardware, networking, storage, hypervisors, cloud providers or cloud stacks. Moving between different environments is no longer a monumental, laborious task to be undertaken only when absolutely necessary. Trying out the benefits of the cloud is now within reach of even hard skeptics because you don’t have to be locked in to any decision.

How do we accomplish this? RackWare decouples the application stack from the underlying platform, allowing it to be ported to any new platform. We approach applications at the file level and our discovery, analysis and automation features allow the process to be fast, easy and error-free. With RackWare, you are truly unbound and free to move your applications wherever, whenever, and however you want to.

We don’t just think about the big cloud stuff; we also think about the details required to manage applications effectively.  You are not tied to a one-size-fits-all solution for disaster recovery or backup either; you are free to treat your applications differently based on how critical they are to your business.  Critical applications can be given preferential treatment with a pre-provisioned, always-running disaster recovery site, ensuring optimal recovery time objective (RTO).  Applications with a critical recovery point objective (RPO) can sync high change files more rapidly.  Applications that are not hyper-critical to the business and can tolerate lower RPO and/or longer RTO can be dynamically provisioned at the time of an event. Avoiding the block approach saves WAN and cloud resources costs, letting you decide how you want to use your limited resources. RackWare gives you back your right to choose.

Feel free to choose your cloud, platform and applications. RackWare is there to support all your choices.  You can now choose how to set your businesses resiliency and cost tolerance.  RackWare’s RMM platform provides you with a suite of services to enable your choice to move and live in the cloud.