Why are Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions Useful?

hybrid could management.jpg

Hybrid cloud management solutions help enterprises and service providers design, deliver, and manage IT services across hybrid environments. Enterprise IT teams find public cloud usage difficult to manage as business units purchase cloud services independently, often resulting in overspending. With hybrid cloud management solutions, the cloud admin selects and aggregates public cloud offerings, placing them in a central catalog for on-demand user access. Central IT leverages policy governance and showback reporting to optimize utilization and guide department spending.

Because developers and business consumers require fast access to infrastructure and applications, a hybrid cloud management platform enables cloud admins to provide cloud agnostic services to meet constantly growing demand. Users subscribe to a service choosing the best cloud target to run their resources. Services range from simple cloud images to full hybrid application environments that can include containers or database and middleware components. Operations teams struggle to deliver resources as fast as developers release code. Hybrid cloud management enables cloud admins to work with developers to define dev, test, and release environments that accelerate application delivery. Hybrid cloud management solutions oversee release pipeline and infrastructure deployment, integrating test and security automation tools. Developers subscribe to the resources they need directly from their code pipeline, providing continuous application delivery.

With hybrid cloud management, organizations can control public cloud spending, deliver cloud agnostic hybrid services, and drive faster application delivery with a pre integrated containerized cloud management solution. Hybrid cloud management orchestrates and controls the precise delivery of hybrid IT resources across organizations all at the speed of DevOps.