Joint Solutions

Cloud Practices

Migration to IBM Cloud

Automate the migration of any application from any physical or cloud environment into IBM Cloud easily.

Business and IT Resiliency

Disaster Recovery with IBM Cloud

Manage backup and disaster recovery within IBM Cloud with configurable RPO and RTO for different workloads.

IT Management

Hybrid Cloud Management

Is IBM Cloud part of a hybrid/multi-cloud ecosystem? Control governance, access and costs for all systems on a single pane of glass.


RackWare Value Proposition for IBM


Non-disruptive Replication:

An agentless way to ensure safe and secure replication of your environments with bare minimal downtime and no disruption to production workloads.

Non-disruptive DR Drills.png

Universal, Ongoing Protection:

RackWare support spans all physical and virtual confluences, even for complex environments with Large SQL Clusters, and Network Attached Storage. Obtain protection from all types of disruptions.

Cost Reduction.png

Aggressive RPO/RTO Options:

RackWare supports recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RPO) of seconds.

Universal DR Protection.png

Dynamic Provisioning:

Pre-provision mission critical workloads while dynamically provisioning less important workloads at the DR event. This enables companies to balance costs with recovery time.

Network and Application Discovery.png

Automated DR Drills:

Reduce manual labor required for DR tests by up to 80% while ensuring that DR tests are non-disruptive to production environments.