IT resilience by automating disaster recovery and backup to any cloud.

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Multiple RTO/RPO Options

Prioritize high availability or cost-savings, depending on your business needs. Enable critical applications to recover quickly, while secondary applications do so in a cost-effective time frame.

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Dynamic Provisioning

Significantly lower costs by provisioning servers at a DR event as opposed to pre-provisioning, thus using no computer resources until failover.

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Automated DR Testing

Push-button DR testing allows enterprises to reduce time and labor costs by up to 80% from manual DR testing methods.

Disaster Recovery

IT Resilience for the Modern Enterprise

Maintaining business continuity and ensuring IT resiliency is a top priority for IT leaders today. Instead of maintaining replicated DR environments in data centers, companies are increasingly looking at the cloud to avoid up-front infrastructure costs and ability to scale as per their needs. However, using the cloud for disaster recovery has it's own challenges and can get expensive and time consuming if not managed properly. The RackWare Management Module(RMM) is a single tool that was designed to provide enterprises with IT resilience by automating disaster recovery and backup to any cloud. Some of our features include:

RackWare Disaster Recovery

Why RackWare?

RackWare is trusted by the largest organizations in the world to assist them with their cloud transformation. We have helped over 400 enterprises globally achieve:

Improved Resiliency with Better RPO/RTO

  • An economical solution that provides significantly improved support over traditional tape backup at a small fraction of the cost required to maintain a replicated data center.

  • Multiple RPO/RTO options give enterprises control over availability vs. cost, ensuring critical applications recover quickly and secondary apps do so in the most cost-effective timeframe.

  • Pre-provisioned resources are launched in minutes to ensure a rapid RTO while auto recovery fallback ensures applications return to the primary data center for maximum performance.

Flexibility Between Data Center and Cloud, Physical & Virtual Environments

  • Delivers a truly heterogeneous approach, reducing multiple tools and helping users avoid lock-in of server vendor, hypervisor or cloud provider.

  • Enables users to dynamically scale physical, virtual and cloud resources across private and public environments as computing needs fluctuate, allowing enterprises to get the highest performance and availability out of their cloud.

  • Provides a path to intelligently leverage cloud solutions for today’s applications.

ZS Associates

"We easily implemented and improved our disaster recovery strategy without buying additional hardware. We can now protect a larger number of workloads across our data center while increasing their availability. RackWare allows us to reduce downtime during an outage, with failover capabilities of complex and expensive high-availability solutions"

-Mark Kocour, Associate Principal Global IT, ZS Associates

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