Frequently Asked Questions 

Which clouds and operating systems do you support?

Clouds: We support every major public and private cloud, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, OpenStack, CloudStack, and several more.

Operating Systems: We support every major Windows and Linux based systems, including Windows Server 2003-2016, Debian, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, Oracle Linux, and several more.

Please review our technology page for more details.

When I do a partial sync, do I have to wait for all the data to be synchronized?

RackWare has a file-based sync technology that only requires the changed parts of files to be synced, thus reducing the time and resources required. We can restore individual files or groups of files from any configured point in time.

Can files be restored to the source and target?

Yes, files can be restored to either source or target host.

Do you offer full or incremental backups?

We offer the flexibility of both full and incremental backups. Incremental backups save space while full backups ensure reliability.