Accelerate and automate data migrations across all major physical, virtual and cloud environments.

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Any-to-any Migrations

Get your data and applications where you want them and when you want them, with the industry's largest list of supported environments.

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Just Set and Forget

Whether 10 workloads or 10,000, migration of complex, multi-tier applications can be completed in just a few clicks. The entire process is non-disruptive to the production environment.

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Significant Cost Savings

Save millions on labor and hardware costs. Get to the cloud faster and eliminate the need to purchase expensive on-premise hardware and software licenses.

Cloud & Data Center Migration

Migration projects are often associated with downtime, data loss and the diversion of internal resources from strategic initiatives. With over 350 enterprise clients, RackWare knows that for the cloud to be effective and economical, existing applications must have easy and flexible mobility into existing private and public cloud environments.

RackWare helps companies accelerate and automate data migrations across all major physical, virtual and cloud environments. Our file-level replication technology, industry-leading cloud and hypervisor support matrix, and flexible architecture have made us a partner of choice for some of the world’s largest enterprises, migrating complex workloads with just a few clicks.

RackWare Can Help:

  • Accelerate migrations

  • Ensure maximum uptime

  • Support for complex apps

  • Rightsize your cloud instances

  • Gain multi-cloud flexibility

  • Reduce costs by 50% or more

  • Obtain transaction consistent images


How RackWare Migrations Work

Migrations are easy and straightforward – install the RackWare Management Module (RMM), input the source and target information, and let RackWare take care of the rest! All this happens without installing agents that require additional troubleshooting and security exceptions. RMM handles the entire migration process as outlined below:

RackWare Cloud Migrations

* Available with RackWare Hybrid Cloud Management

What Makes RackWare Different?

Simplicity: Migrate thousands of workloads with only a few clicks. RMM automatically discovers source host parameters such as operating system, compute resources, application requirements, networking etc. and provisions rightsized cloud environments to accommodate them.

Scalability: Whether 10 workloads or 10,000, RMM has the built-in capability to move and protect large batches of complex, multi-tier applications with near zero downtime.

Flexibility: With one of the widest support matrices in the industry, RMM supports every major physical, virtual and cloud environment. Additionally, it allows enterprises to automate their migrations with runbook tools as well as move back to their primary physical or cloud datacenter with a few clicks.

Cost Effectiveness: RackWare helps enterprises save millions on labor and hardware costs. It also enables companies to get to the cloud faster and eliminate the need to purchase expensive on-premise hardware and software licenses.

Reliability: RackWare technology is non-disruptive to the production environment and requires a minimal amount of resources to operate. This results in reliable performance that is trusted by the world’s largest companies.

Key Capabilities

RackWare’s proprietary replication and sync technology allows us to offer advanced features without tying companies into cloud vendor specific tool sets. Some of our key capabilities include:

Include/Exclude Lists: Capture and sync only specific files and directories rather than entire systems.

Delta Sync: Sync only the changed parts of files during the final data sync, drastically lowering cutover times.

Two Way Mobility: Move images between clouds as well as back to the original data center (even back to a bare metal server should the need arise). This two-way mobility is supported for captured images as well as data-only transfers, where the data can be synchronized from a primary source to a destination source with only delta updates as explained above.

Provisioning and Rightsizing of Cloud Instances: Ensure overprovisioned (or under-provisioned) servers don’t make their way to the cloud by providing rightsizing recommendations for both cost and performance.


"We needed to migrate all our servers from one data center to another and RackWare could migrate servers much faster than the approach we initially used. This impacted both cost and value. RackWare did a terrific job and we would definitely use them again."

-Rajiv Gandhi, Director Consultant, CGI

Any - Any Migration

Move workloads between all major operating systems, clouds, and hypervisors.

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