What is a cloud migration service and do I need one?

Everyday, organizations face challenges that require:

  • Cost reduction

  • Scalability

  • Tighter security

  • Latest Technology

  • Improved reliability

  • More support

And more and more often, the solution is the cloud.

Cloud migration services simplify the complex process of moving business data and applications to a cloud computing environment. In order transition to the cloud successfully, your cloud migration service should ask the following questions before the move:

  • How large and complex are your data?

  • How important are regulatory considerations?

  • Are our current business applications cloud ready?

  • What would the cost of downtime be and what service level agreement do we require for a cloud environment?

  • If we decide to change cloud providers in the future, can our data and application migrate with us?

Once these questions are answered, your cloud migration service can recommend a customized solution and provide a cloud migration plan.

An IaaS cloud solution will lift your burden of operating an in-house data center and enable you to quickly ramp up IT and data center capabilities all while substantially reducing costs. It’s like renting a perpetually new car with all the latest features.

By teaming with your cloud migration service through co-location, you can choose just the right amount of dedicated hardware needed such as servers or racks that are regularly upgraded ensuring 24/7 system redundancy, security, and reliability.

Attempting to migrate IT infrastructure into the cloud without a proper cloud migration service that is fully versed and capable in the aforementioned aspects can result in a situation where you endure extra costs due to downtime, performance issues, and a negative experience.

When looking at cloud migration services, be sure to choose one that creates customized cloud solutions and migration plans for a seamless transition to the cloud.

10 Myths about Cloud Computing

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How can Rackware help?

RackWare helps organizations speed up and automate data and application migrations across all cloud environments. RackWare’s file-level replication technology, cloud and hypervisor support matrix, and flexible architecture have helped over 400 organizations migrate complex workloads to the cloud.

RackWare Management Module handles the cloud migration process outlined below:

RackWare Cloud Migration

* Available with RackWare Hybrid Cloud Management

For more information regarding how a cloud migration solution can help you, visit our cloud migration page or contact us.