What Makes Us Different

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File-level Replication & Sync

RackWare’s file-level replication and sync technology gives enterprises granular control over what data and applications to migrate and reduces cutover times through intelligent sync of only changed files. It’s simply a more efficient way than moving entire blocks of data at once.

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Any-Any Application & Data Mobility

RackWare was built on the premise of giving enterprises the flexibility to choose and use their IT infrastructure without the risk of vendor lock-in. Therefore, we created our software to support every application on every major physical, virtual and cloud environment.

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Automated Orchestration

Moving, protecting, and managing applications across multiple physical and cloud environments often gets complicated, requiring more time, resources and manual intervention. RackWare automates this process, enabling IT teams to save time and labor while focusing on other strategic priorities.

Unique Replication Technology

Our approach provides the ability to handle complex applications, support multiple file systems and storage types. RMM is agentless and non-invasive to the source environment. We apply a very granular approach to our Discover, Assess, Monitor, Assign,Provision, and Deploy methods.  This approach simplifies and speeds up time to migrate applications, improves RPO and RTO while balancing cost and resiliency for Disaster Recovery, while ensuring cloud resources are easily accessible to application owners within corporate governance guidelines and spending limits.

A Complete Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

RackWare delivers “Intelligence for your Cloud” and is an intelligent choice for IT teams looking to reduce the complexity, cost, and resource drain brought on by multiple tools to manage and protect the entire data center.  RackWare’s RMM is a single platform eliminating the need for multiple vendor solutions to provide Data Protection, Application Mobility, and Workload Governance by supporting all applications in your Hybrid Cloud.  RackWare’s technology takes an agnostic approach providing an Any to Any management platform, supporting any Linux and Window application, any physical or virtual server, with any hypervisor, in any public, private, data center, or hybrid cloud.  RackWare provides agility in a multi-cloud environment, with rapid deployment, a quick time-to-value, lowering IT expenses while still optimizing application performance.

Intelligence For Your Cloud

RackWare’s ability to monitor and assess application behavior allows policy engines to manage and automate many functions that were traditionally handled manually by the IT team.  The RackWare Intelligence frees up IT staff from tedious time consuming tasks, reduces human error, and brings governance and visibility to cloud expenses.  AutoParking™ sets policies to pause and or delete cloud resources that are idle. Variable provision and deployment options ensure RTO and application performance are balanced against costs. A granular Discovery process and variable sync policies allow for file-level management when protecting and managing applications in the cloud reducing WAN costs and cloud compute expenses.

We Support

Any Application


Any Cloud


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Any Hypervisor