Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup vs. Cloud Storage

What’s the Difference?

Cloud backup is commonly misconceived as possessing the same function as cloud storage. Cloud storage allows for files to be synced, accessed and shared across various devices. A disastrous mix-up between the two can lead to the loss of important data and information. Without cloud backup, documents and information are not guaranteed to be up-to-date and have the potential to be lost. Inevitably, disasters will happen that threaten the security and accessibility of data.  

Unlike cloud storage, cloud backup keeps files for long term use. Essentially, cloud backup duplicates files from cloud storage while automatically saving all recent adjustments and versions of the data copied. The entire process is done off-site and is continuously running, all the while remaining accessible to the user anywhere, anytime. Cloud backup offers a level of automated data security that enterprises value for their provisions of services.

How Can RackWare Help?

Recognizing that a business’ intellectual property, transactional data and documents are among the most important assets of an enterprise, RackWare has found a way to achieve a revolutionary cloud backup process.

RackWare Management Module (RMM)

While offering automated support for multiple backup and DR locations, our Rackware Management Module (RMM) also delivers fast, simple and secure recovery of full applications, entire data centers and even individual files. RMM achieves a multi-tier backup policy with selective sync that supports the enterprise’s prioritized needs. With RMM, the application and supporting resources remain open and stays automated across every environment.

RackWare’s Cloud Management platform consolidates data management and formulates cloud backup free from storage constraints, hypervisor brand, or cloud environment. By enabling you to optimize and assess between RPO (Recovery Point Objective), RTO (Recovery Time Objective), and backup/recovery costs, RackWare is offering a cost and time effective solution.