Simple, automated, and secure backup ensures business continuity and rapid recovery of individual files, full applications, or entire data centers.

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Automated Process

Completely automate the entire backup and recovery process and gain granular control over your RPO and RTO.

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File Level Recovery

Restore individual files and directories or the entire operating system, application stack, and data depending on business needs.

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Point-in-Time Restore

Completely rebuild data center and cloud environments from any point in time through our image snapshot technology.

Cloud Backup

Business Advantages of Rackware AIM Backup and Disaster Recover

At the end of the day, intellectual property, financial transactions, and business data are amongst the most valuable assets of any organization. Protecting them is the paramount responsibility of your IT team and Rackware has invented a new way to think about and implement backup in the cloud computing age.

RackWare Management Module – AIM (Application Image Machine) Backup Model

RackWare’s AIM Backup & Disaster Recovery (DR) solution changes the way we think and execute backup. The RackWare model looks at backup and DR as complementary functions. RackWare captures the data and records it as an entire Image that is pre-prepared to be restored completely or allow for rapid retrieval of individual files and directories. One set of policies covers both DR and backup, including multiple recovery points and optional object storage. This capability is enabled for any applications in virtual, cloud, and physical environments.

  1. One Cloud Data Management Suite Lowers CAPEX – RackWare’s simple and integrated management platform enables one application suite to support migration, backup, disaster recovery, and auto-scaling across any physical, virtual, and cloud based infrastructure and can replace the cost, training, and operation of multiple backup, DR and migration applications.

  2. Save up to 72% on Backup with Object Storage Data Protection – RackWare’s optional use of object based storage can lower the cost of backup by 72% over traditional block storage.

  3. Policy Driven Recovery Point Objectives – RackWare’s backup and DR solution provides 3 tiers of recovery points: short (hours to days), medium (days to months), and long (years) term backup recovery points to meet business and regulatory requirements.

  4. Prioritized Data Backup with Selective Sync – RackWare’s selective sync enables you to create policies to prioritize which applications and application data are backed up at a more frequent interval, ensuring that vital business applications are always protected first and more frequently. Secondary policies can then be created to back up the remaining data during off-peak hours, so as not to conflict with production operations.

  5. Faster and Lower Cost Backup & DR Services with Selective Sync – RackWare’s selective sync optimizes WAN transfers to ensure the highest level of backup DR services at the lowest WAN costs.

  6. Simple, Automated, and Secure Backup – No one gets a bonus for running a backup and RackWare makes this vital, but tedious business task fast, simple, and automated.

Optimized RTO and RPO Options

RackWare’s RMM provides the most complete set of backup, disaster recovery, and restore features. RackWare enables you to balance and optimize between RPO (Recovery Point Objective), RTO (Recovery Point Objective), and backup/DR/Recovery costs. This ability to balance function vs. cost creates a class of service that can be provided to both internal and external clients. It puts the power to control levels of automation, protection, and cost management in the hands of the IT managers in a way that has never been available before. RackWare’s RMM changes the game for backup and DR and for truly hybridized environments.

RackWare RTO and RPO

The AIM Architectural Advantage

Most backup solutions today are divided between those that serve traditional datacenters and those for “cloud” machines. At Rackware we believe this is a flawed way to think about backup and disaster recovery. Our Rackware Management Module (RMM) conceives backup requirements independent of storage constraints, hypervisor brand, or cloud environment. RMM frees the application and the supporting resources to be open and dynamically automated across every environment. Application image backups are performed at the machine level, meaning RMM captures the image and then optimizes, secures, and prioritizes backups of not only the data, but the entire application environment. This ensures that individual file recovery or complete disaster recovery is performed in the same simple and automated manner. Integrated Backup, Migration, DR, and Auto-Scaling for simplified management.

RMM Backup Model

RackWare Backup Model
  • Automated support for multiple backup and DR locations (Enterprise or Cloud)

  • Fast, simple, and secure recovery of individual files, full applications, or entire data centers

  • Multiple tiers of backup policies with selective sync business critical apps

  • RackWare’s Cloud Management suite unifies data management and lowers CAPEX & OPEX

Bottom Line

When success is contingent on the security of your data and availability of business operations, depend on RackWare for a superior solution to backup and disaster recovery. RackWare’s simple, automated, and secure backup ensures business continuity and rapid recovery of individual files, full applications, or entire data centers. With support for virtual, cloud, and physical environments, a single cloud management suite from RackWare can replace the cost of multiple backup, DR, and migration applications. RackWare is the right choice for reliable backup at optimal cost for every environment.


"We needed a full DR solution for our vCloud environment and VMware recommended RackWare. It was worth investing in a true DR tool as it enabled us to know how our systems will respond when the inevitable disaster occurs"

-Kelley Jones, Cloud Consultant to CIO, Zebra

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