Case Study: How RackWare helped CGI migrate its IT environments to Oracle Cloud

About Client

As one of the largest end-to-end IT and business consulting firms in the world, CGI has an over 40-year history of helping clients evolve mission-critical workloads to become true digital enterprises. Its work spans industries, from government and communications to life sciences and manufacturing. CGI now has operations in 400 locations across 40 countries, with 150 IP-based solutions.


In order to manage a growing environment, CGI’s leadership realized they needed a cloud infrastructure platform that would meet their evolving performance and reliability needs. Specifically, they needed a solution that would help them manage AgileEnergy360, a proprietary solution aimed at driving business process efficiency in the oil and gas industry through execution management of BPO and ITO functions.

To meet these needs, CGI decided to leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, a cloud platform tailored uniquely to enterprise workloads. OCI delivers value by enabling the seamless management of applications, databases and services in a scalable hosted environment.

The Challenge

C GI’s AgileEnergy360 encompasses three solution areas: IT outsourcing, cloud services, and business services. Within cloud services, the solution contains X2R, a business suite for upstream back office, comprising modules for hydrocarbon accounting, mobile data capture, asset management, and finance.

For CGI, the goal was to move to a higher-performing and more reliable environment in an expedited time frame. While CGI’s leadership was confident in the benefits of OCI — from delivering better CPUs to driving industry-leading networking capabilities — they knew they faced challenges in quickly migrating from a first to second-generation environment.

The Solution – Disaster Recovery with RMM

There were several key reasons why CGI chose to deploy RackWare to help manage AgileEnergy360’s migration to OCI. The first was timeline efficiency: By providing an out-of-the-box migration solution, RackWare’s Cloud Management suite for Enterprise was uniquely suited to handle CGI’s accelerated timeline needs. Secondly, CGI’s leadership didn’t want anything to be installed in a production environment. RackWare meets that need with its own console that connects over the network at the operating system level. This solution eliminates the need to install anything within the origin environment. Finally, RackWare has a proven track record of success with helping migrate OCI customers, including other systems integrators like HCL and Infosys, as well as MSPs like Centroid and Quistor.

RackWare’s solution offers seamless replication and sync into the Oracle Cloud. This solution extends to all workloads, whether physical or virtual.

CGI Cloud Migration Process

What Does CGI Say?

Rajiv Gandhi, Director Consulting Expert: “We needed to migrate all our servers from one data center to another and RackWare could migrate servers much faster than the approach we initially used. This impacted both cost and value. RackWare did a terrific job and we would definitely use them again.”

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