Four Common Cloud Migration Pitfalls to Avoid in 2019

Cloud migration is the process of moving, migrating, or transferring data and related items to a cloud computing environment. Contrary to popular belief, migrating enterprise data to the cloud isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes a considerable amount of time, planning, and strategy to be done correctly. Here are four common cloud migration pitfalls you should avoid in 2019:

1. Estimating cloud migration costs and timelines poorly

First and foremost, an organization must do their due diligence in analyzing and estimating the time and costs needed to move their data into a cloud computing environment. When organizations fail to include cost and time estimates in the initial plan, budgets and timelines are often exceeded due to unforeseen circumstances. This ultimately affects other parts of the business and delays the organization’s journey to profit.

2. Transferring the most sensitive/confidential data first

Another common mistake organizations make is transferring sensitive or confidential data first. When a cloud migration process begins, the typical recommendation is to transfer common information to the cloud before migrating sensitive data. There is often a learning curve when leveraging new data environments, so it’s best to limit risk against mistakes or solution shortcomings. As you get more comfortable with the process and solution, sensitive data should slowly be migrated.

3. Not implementing security measures during cloud migration

A common concern when migrating sensitive data to the cloud is the increased risk of a cyber attack during the migration period. If your data is moved without proper security controls, it is vulnerable to unwarranted access. To protect your data, implement strong security measures such as two-factor authentication or digital rights management.

4. Not training your team on this new architecture

The last mistake many organizations make is not training employees after migrating data to the cloud. When employees aren’t trained properly on a new cloud platform, mistakes often occur. These mistakes lead to data leaks/breaches which can be catastrophic for some organizations. To ensure sensitive data is not exposed due to human error, implement trainings, rules, and regulations for your employees to follow.

cloud migration

The popularity of the cloud has exploded in the workforce. People are more productive when they’re able to access and share information from home, the office, a cafe, or on-the-go. Unfortunately, many organizations aren’t comfortable migrating their sensitive data to the cloud. To limit your cloud migration concerns, understand these common pitfalls to avoid.

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