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Boundless and Borderless IT

In everything we do we make choices.  Some are complex, some are easy, some are inconsequential.  But many times, we are stuck choosing between only options we do not like.  RackWare believes that choices shouldn’t be about picking between the better of bad options, especially when it comes to your IT environment.   RackWare gives […]

Not Like the Other Moms

“I think you just have to take a deep breath and realize you can’t do everything and do the best that you can. Enjoy the moments both at work and at home — they are fleeting.” –Sash Sunkara Balancing the challenges of founding a startup and the demands of motherhood is a daily pull that […]

Recovery Time Objectives and DRaaS

RTO is the time is the amount of time it should take for systems to come back online when an outage occurs.   Data centers strive to keep RTOs as low as possible to meet their Service Level Agreements with their internal and external end users.  The faster the system comes back online, the better.   […]

Software Agents and Cloud Migration

Agents are little pieces of software, usually small, that are installed on servers so that another piece of software can extract information from, or control some aspect of the server.  Although software agents are often required in certain application they can come with certain disadvantages:   Security & Compliance Many enterprises require a strict adherence […]