What We Do

RackWare brings intelligence and automation to your hybrid cloud environment. The RMM Cloud Management Platform provides business and IT resiliency, reduces IT expenses, and eliminates the demarcation boundaries set by disparate technologies.

Any to Any – Technology Agnostic

Any Application

Windows and Linux operating systems

Any Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Any Hypervisor

Virtual Machine
Problems We Solve

Business and IT Resiliency

RackWare provides Disaster Recovery and Backup in data centers and across clouds. Policy engines and automation ensure repeatability while reducing human error. Governance controls safeguard against non-compliant application development and distribution.

Cloud Adoption

RackWare’s motto is “Leave No Server Behind”. RackWare uniquely moves applications regardless of the state, location, or technology it is running on. RackWare can protect, move, and manage complex and legacy applications to, from, and in any data center or cloud.

IT Resource Sprawl

RackWare provides a single Cloud Management Platform eliminating multiple vendor solutions. RackWare is agnostic of hypervisor, hardware, or cloud stack, protects, moves, and manages all Linux and Windows based applications in the datacenter and in the cloud.

IT Cost Reduction

RackWare provides multiple cost savings and management features that affect CapEx and OpEx. Policies and automation help reduce human interaction and improve speed and efficiency. Various deployment, provisioning, and cloud usage options deliver the right balance between performance and cost management. Governance functions allow for controlling, monitoring, metering, and chargeback of cloud resources.
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