Replication & Cloud Migration

Migrate Workloads between Datacenters and Clouds


On-Boarding is a RackWare solution that provides a push button, automated mechanism to move existing Workloads between different Datacenters and Clouds.  It is an easy and convenient process that has the advantage of creating an exact duplicate of a running Image without the burden of rebuilding or recreating template images and applications.  All Operating System and application settings are maintained in the process.  Images can be moved with network configuration retained or removed, whatever is most convenient.  Once the Image is pulled into the destination datacenter or Cloud, if desired, a new network and storage identify can be defined.  The Image is then simply “assigned” to a System (Physical, Virtual Machine, or cloud entity).  Image transfer can be via the WAN, or with an appliance that collects a large number of Images and physically moved to a destination.


Physical-to-Cloud Migrations

Traditional data centers can leverage the cloud easier than ever before.  With RackWare, physical servers are “cloudified” to any cloud infrastructure is quick and easy over LAN or WAN connections.



Cloud-to-Cloud Migrations

Whether you are switching cloud providers or diversifying your infrastructure into different cloud brands, RackWare makes migrations extremely easy.



Cloud-to-Physical Migrations

On the rare occasion where it is better to have a server back on it’s physical hardware at the data center, RackWare allows the “decloudification” of servers back onto their original physical forms, so you always have the option to go back.



Broad Cloud Support

  • – Amazon
  • – RackSpace
  • – SoftLayer
  • – SunGard
  • – CloudSigma
  • – NTT
  • – CenturyLink




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