Intelligence and Automation for your Cloud

RackWare’s RMM software product enables enterprises to easily and cost-effectively leverage private, public, or hybrid cloud environments without having to change applications or operating systems. The two major components are mobility and elasticity.


Workload Mobility

RackWare delivers mobility across a variety of platforms and cloud stacks with automatic resource elasticity based upon workload demand with consideration of performance and cost. The combination provides a path to intelligently leverage cloud solutions for today’s applications.



Workload Elasticity

The Rackware approach enables users to scale cost effectively across private and public clouds without any application re-writes. Even better, RackWare lets users dynamically allocate between current infrastructure and cloud, and back again if need be.


This simplified approach results in marked savings in both capital and operational expenditures. RackWare is a truly heterogeneous approach that helps users avoid lock-in of server vendor, hypervisor, or cloud provider.