RackWare RMM Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

RackWare RMM is a Cloud Management Platform developed to help enterprises adopt and manage the Hybrid Cloud. RMM is unique in that is has a suite of products built on top of it delivering a simplified and economical approach for IT departments to protect, migrate, and managing applications across the data center and Hybrid Cloud.  RMM continues to provide agility in a multi-cloud environment, with rapid deployment, a quick time-to-value, lowering IT expenses while still optimizing application performance.

RMM’s replication technology is the foundation of the platform working at the operating system level unlike other technologies that leverage storage blocks or VMDKs to perform their tasks. RMM’s granular approach uniquely handles complex applications including Oracle RAC, SQL clusters, Fibre channel, and Network Attached Storage.  Enterprise applications are not cookie cutter and RMM ensures that you can customize your environment as needed without giving up simplicity and ease of use.  As A Cloud Management Platform RMM shares it’s policy engines and subsequent automation features delivering improved resource efficiency, reduced risk, and cost visibility and management.

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RMM Cloud Management Platform