RackWare RMM Advanced Hybrid Cloud Management Suite

RackWare RMM Advanced Hybrid Cloud Management Suite enables economical cloud computing for enterprises by providing administrative oversight and governance. This included policy-based usage limits, auditing, metering, billing, and reporting. For cloud users, it delivers a self-service portal for managing, testing, developing, and distributing golden templates, enabling organizations to manage applications efficiently and flexibly in the hybrid cloud.

Key Features:

  • Self-service portal
  • Cross-cloud provisioning & replication
  • Cloud governance, oversight, & auditing
  • Granular provisioning & deployment models
  • Elastic workload balancing
  • AutoParking™ & un-parking
  • AutoScaling & bursting
  • Golden images / templates
  • Multi-cloud predictive cost analysis
  • Billing & metering
  • Cost monitoring & management
Cloud Management Platform, Hybrid Cloud Management, DevOps
Cloud Administrative oversight
Administrative Oversight
  • Manage policies for access, cost, and image templates
  • Governance, monitoring, metering, reporting
Self service cloud resources
Self Service
  • Cloud Users set up approved cloud work space
  • Manage, Test, and Distribute Golden Templates
Cost management
Cloud Economies
  • Variable Provisioning and Deployment Options
  • Cloud cost metering and billing
RackWare Advanced Hybrid Cloud Management Platform