RackWare RMM Advanced Hybrid Cloud Management Suite

RackWare RMM Advanced Hybrid Cloud Management Suite enables economical cloud computing for enterprises by providing administrative oversight and governance, including policy based usage limits, auditing, metering, billing, and reporting. For cloud users, it delivers a self-service portal for managing, testing, developing, and distributing golden templates, enabling organizations to manage applications efficiently and flexibly in the hybrid cloud.

Key Features:

  • Self-service portal
  • Cross-cloud provisioning & replication
  • Cloud governance, oversight, & auditing
  • Granular provisioning & deployment models
  • Elastic workload balancing
  • AutoParking™ & un-parking
  • AutoScaling & bursting
  • Golden images / templates
  • Multi-cloud predictive cost analysis
  • Billing & metering
  • Cost monitoring & management
Cloud Management Platform, Hybrid Cloud Management, DevOps
Cloud Administrative oversight
Administrative Oversight
  • Manage Policies for Cost, Access, Image Templates
  • Governance, Monitoring, Metering, Reporting
Self service cloud resources
Self Service
  • Cloud Users set up approved cloud work space
  • Manage, Test, Distribute Golden Templates
Cost management
Cloud Economies
  • Variable Provisioning and Deployment Options
  • Cloud cost metering and billing
RackWare Advanced Hybrid Cloud Management Platform