Disaster Recovery and Backup

Intellectual property, financial transactions, and business data are amongst the most valuable assets of any organization. Protecting them is the paramount responsibility of your IT team. RackWare provides a cost-effective, agile approach to protect and optimize applications in a multi-cloud environment.

In addition to RMM’s unique replication technology, RMM Disaster Recovery delivers options to balance each application’s RPO and RTP against cloud resource costs.


Coud Resources AutoProvisioning

Dynamic Provisioning

  • Target VMs NOT pre-provisioned
  • Provisioned at DR event

Lowest cost
Longest RTO

Pre-Provisioned @ Reduced Footprint

  • Pre-provision some/all VMs at smaller HW spec
  • Better RTO than Dynamic

Medium cost
Better RTO

Pre-Provisioned – Images Kept Offline

  • Sync’ing storage in VM
  • Do NOT incur licensing costs of OS

Medium cost
Even Better RTO

Pre-Provisioned – Production Equivalent

  • Pre-provision some/all VMs at full HW spec

Highest cost
Best RTO



Granular sync – selected drives, directories, & files

  • Improves RPO
  • Tune WAN bandwidth usage

Inclusive / Exclusive list

  • Sync only specific items
  • Sync everything except specific items (e.g. – log files)

Can create multiple policies

  • One with selective with aggressive RPO
  • Second policy less frequently for entire Image

RackWare RMM further saves cost and complexity by providing a single solution for all your Disaster Recovery, Backup, and Cloud Management requirements. Automation and policy engines speed up activities, reducing human intervention and errors. Non-disruptive failover testing and reporting gives assurance that your business and IT Resilience plans comply. RackWare also provides protection from Ransomware attacks.