Cloud Migration and Replication

RMM Migration provides a cost-effective, agile approach to move and optimize applications. It delivers a solution that provides an automated mechanism to move existing workloads between different data centers and clouds. It’s an easy and convenient process, creating an exact duplicate of a running image without the burden of rebuilding or recreating template images and applications. All Operating Systems and application settings are maintained in the process. Images can be moved with network configuration retained or removed, flexible to individual needs. Once the Image is pulled into the destination data center of cloud, a new network and storage identity can be defined. The Image is then assigned to a System (Physical, Virtual Machine, or cloud entity). Image transfer can be via the WAN, or physically moved to a destination.

Migration, Replication

Migration Diagram

RackWare Migration
  • Highly Efficient Data Transfer
  • Migration time is accelerated up to 20:1
  • Non-Disruptive to Source Environment – Agentless Software
  • Cost of move is Reduced by 50% or more from standard methods
  • Complex Apps can now be taken to the Cloud, Oracle RAC, SQL Clusters, Network Storage – No Rewrites