RackWare App DR for VMware vCloud Air

The Majority of Data Center Workloads is Inadequately Protected from Outages

Traditional tape backup and image archival solutions are inadequate in today’s fast paced data center which consists of heterogeneous workloads ranging from physical, virtual and cloud environments.  A few workloads have clustering or high availability hardware or software solutions which are expensive to purchase and maintain because of the requirement of a duplicate data center  However, the majority of workloads are protected through tape backup or image archival solutions that can take a long time to restore, leaving the business vulnerable to outages.  To compound the problem, many workloads reside on disparate systems, which mean more complexity in setup and maintenance of the DR environment.


RackWare Management Module (RMM) utilizes vCloud Air as a Recovery environment to protect ANY source

RackWare DRaaS for VMware vCloud Air has made it possible for data centers to forgo the upfront purchase of duplicate recovery hardware, and the cost of setting up, configuring, and maintaining that hardware by leveraging VMware vCloud Air as the off-premises recovery data center.

vCloud DR


How it Works

RackWare’s built-in application and network discovery feature allows the mapping of dependencies from source to vCloud Air.  From there, RackWare takes control of the source and target machines using standard OS level interfaces or Cloud APIs and performs a live capture, which is kept up-to-date on a configurable interval.  If a failure is detected, the vCloud Air instances takes over the workload.  Users can failback to the origin server with all the changes once it is repaired.


vCloud DR architecture