Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) in SoftLayer, an IBM Company

RackWare is a recognized leader in Hybrid Cloud Management and Cloud Disaster Recovery. RackWare’s flagship product, the RackWare Management Module (RMM) offers these features that are specific to SoftLayer, an IBM Company (“SoftLayer”):


  • –        Out-of-the-box integration with SoftLayer to facilitate automated recovery of workloads
  • –        A Self Service DR Wizard to enable enterprises to set up DR-as-a-Service using SoftLayer


Self-Service DR Wizard simplifies the process of DR in SoftLayer










 RMM’S ABILITY TO MIGRATE COMPLEX ENVIRONMENTS IN BULK WITH PUSH-BUTTON SIMPLICITY Reduce time involved in migrating environments from 10 weeks to 2-3 days for 50 servers; increased convenience from automating complex manual tasks
 RMM’S FAILURE DETECTION, FAILOVER AND FAILBACK FEATURES RMM allows for monitoring the health of an application, synchronizing the state and data to a SoftLayer site, and failing over the application to SoftLayer in the event of a failure.
 RMM’S INTEGRATIONS WITH SOFTLAYER MANAGEMENT API Can invoke SoftLayer’s API to manage the server, e.g. insert SSH keys, run scripts during provisioning, change passwords or insert certificates.
 RMM’S INTEGRATION WITH SOFTLAYER AUTOPROVISIONING FOR AUTOSCALING RMM can automatically provision or decommission virtual guests or bare metal infrastructure based on usage of the workload.
 RMM’S INTEGRATION WITH SOFTLAYER  AUTOPROVISIONING FOR MIGRATION RMM can automatically provision virtual guests or bare metal infrastructure for migrating workloads into SoftLayer.
RMM’S INTEGRATION WITH SOFTLAYER STORAGE RMM allows for attaching the different types of storage during autoprovision, NAS, Local Block Storage, NFS.
 RMM’S INTEGRATION WITH SOFTLAYER MONITORING Can configure SoftLayer’s monitoring tool on a particular server.
 RMM’S INTEGRATION WITH SOFTLAYER LOAD BALANCERS RMM can configure SoftLayer’s load balancers.
 SELF-SERVICE DR WIZARD Guides the user through selecting workloads, creating images, migrating to SoftLayer and setting up synch and DR policies.