Disaster Recovery & Backup

RackWare Management Module (RMM) provides a Disaster Recovery solution that builds on its Image mobility and elasticity features to bring economic Disaster Recovery to Enterprises. The building blocks of RackWare’s DR solution include Onboarding, Cloud Bursting, and the Policy Framework to automate necessary functions.


Captured Images from production (origin) instances are cloned and pushed out to a local or remote DR site.


Changes in production images are periodically synchronized with the remote images, keeping the original Host Image and the DR image in sync.




In the event of an outage at the origin site, the up to date Image at the DR site can assume operations through RackWare’s fail-over mechanism.


This provides significantly improved DR support over traditional tape or hard-disk backup, which would require hours or days to restore after the production systems operating system, applications, and data have been repaired.  RackWare’s DR solution provides failover at a fraction of the cost of a fully replicated datacenter architected for high availability or clustering technologies.


After the outage is over, changes that occurred during the outage are synchronized back onto the origin instance and normal operations can resume.


Business Advantages of Rackware AIM Backup and Disaster Recovery

At the end of the day, intellectual property, financial transactions, and business data are
amongst the most valuable assets of any organization. Protecting them is the paramount
responsibility of your IT team and Rackware has invented a new way to think about and
implement backup in the cloud computing age.


RackWare Management Module – AIM (Application Image Machine) Backup Model

RackWare’s AIM Backup & Disaster Recovery (DR) solution changes the way we think and execute backup. The RackWare model looks at backup and DR as complementary functions. RackWare captures the data and records it as an entire Image that is pre-prepared to be restored completely or allow for rapid retrieval of individual files and directories. One set of policies covers both DR and backup, including multiple recovery points and optional object storage. This capability is enabled for any applications in virtual, cloud, and physical environments.


RMM Backup Model

• Automated support for multiple backup and DR locations (Enterprise or Cloud)
• Fast, simple, and secure recovery of individual files, full applications, or entire data centers
• Multiple tiers of backup policies with selective sync business critical apps
• RackWare’s Cloud Management suite unifies data management and lowers CAPEX & OPEX




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