CenturyLink Customers use RackWare for rapid data center migration and disaster recovery


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Need to get your data center workloads over to CenturyLink?


RackWare provides software that automatically decouples the workload (OS, Applications and Data) from whatever infrastructure it is on, and moves it easily, quickly, and painlessly to CenturyLink.  No more manually setting up the OS, copying, and reinstalling your applications and data, and discovering errors in the migration process.  There’s a better way:  RackWare allows you to move a workload from ANY source to CenturyLink with minimal errors, and headaches.


Move from ANY source infrastructure to CenturyLink instances with RMM for CenturyLink


– ANY physical server

– ANY cloud based workload

– ANY virtual based workload

– AGENTLESS – no agents need to be installed on sources or targets

– LIVE CAPTURE – production server can be captured without downtime



Enable failover and failback to protect any CenturyLink instance with RMM for CenturyLink DR Edition


Sometimes, your CenturyLink instance will go down.  It could be from a data center problem, DOS attack, hacking attempt, or some other unforseen and rare occurrence.  That’s why CenturyLink customers use RackWare’s DR platform to replicate their mission critical workloads back to their traditional data center or other cloud infrastructures, or to another CenturyLink geographical location.  Should anything unforeseen happen to those mission critical instances, RMM for CenturyLink, DR Edition will activate the “hot backup” instance and take over workload.  After the outage has occurred and the production instances restored, RMM for CenturyLink fail’s back to the original instances by resynchronizing all the changes back during the outage to the origin instance.



RMM for CenturyLink is Ideal for:

  • – Data Centers that use CenturyLink in combination with traditional bare metal servers (Hybrid Cloud)
  • – Mixed, heterogenous environments that have a combination of CenturyLink and other cloud providers