Hybrid Cloud Platform for the Enterprise

RackWare provides an intelligent Hybrid Cloud Management Platform that extends across physical and virtual environments. Supporting a suite of services including Disaster Recovery and Backup, Hybrid Cloud Management, and Cloud Migration and Replication. RackWare is a well-established private company supporting customers from the Fortune 500 and large public agencies, around the globe. The company is based in Silicon Valley with Support and Development teams in Salt Lake City, and Pune India.

Delivering the Promise of Cloud – Scale, Economy, Flexibility, Automation, and Governance

  • RackWare enables IT organizations to protect, move, and manage applications in the cloud with a single solution regardless of physical or virtual state, data center or cloud.
  • RackWare automates the movement, provisioning, and management of complex application workloads, through policies and tools, reducing time and effort and eliminating application retooling at the secondary site.
  • RackWare reduces cloud expenditures, with AutoProvisioning, Selective Synchronization, AutoParkingTM and other cloud resource governance controls. RackWare can provide a 40% to 50% reduction of costs from traditional IT solutions and compress operation time 20:1.
  • RackWare’s patented Replication technology allows server workloads to move effortlessly between disparate cloud stacks/providers and data centers. RackWare provides cloud stack, provider, and technology heterogeneity. This ensures increased availability and reduces cloud vendor lock-in.
  • RackWare provides multiple options for maximizing RTO, and costs with Dynamic and Pre-provisioned failover environment avoiding the one size fits all.
  • RackWare provides file level granular synchronization to maximize RPO and WAN overhead.